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UO Architect v2.7.3 – Latest Release

UOAR is the most powerful building management software for Ultima Online ever created. If you are building custom worlds for your Ultima Online shard this software is an invaluable tool.

This tool can create and store custom static houses and buildings, to a database, and you can add any custom decorations with ease. If you build custom scenes, buildings, decorations or other UOAR can extract those into a database to manage your buildings in categories.

Once the buildings are in the database, UOAR has a basic building editor where you can clean up your buildings and apply any changes you may need. Once this is complete you can use UOAR Server 2.7.3 for servuo servers or runuo servers or OrB Server 2D which has UOAR Client & Server.

Support Built in to drag and drop buildings onto your world maps for building cities, towns, bridges, ruins, special decorated locations. What ever your mind can create, UO Architect can help you build your dreams in Ultima Online.

You can also save buildings you create with UO Architect and export them as .UOA files which you can then share with other members of the UO Community. We also have a number of forums with buildings that other members have created that you can download and add to your database for building to your custom worlds later.

UOAR Credits:
Xandor – Lead Programmer
Khaybel – User Interface & Support
Poeharen – New Lead Programmer

Package Includes:
UO Architect Client – This is the main application
UO Architect Server – This used to connect to runuo 2.2 servers

Please Note: that OrB Server (2D) 2.2 has uo architect 2.7.3 server support built into it so you only need to use the client.

Setup Information:

1) Download UO Architect

2) You will need to drop the UOAR Server files into your servuo or runuo customs folder. If your using OrB Server 2D (which has SA Support, HS Support, ML Support, KR Support, AOS and So Forth) then you can just load the UO Architect Application and connect to the server using your admin login info.

3) In order for UOAR to work on your computer you will need the latest .NET framework installed on your computer and in UO Architect Application point it to where your UO Classic Client is installed on your system. Otherwise the program will crash when you try to preview buildings.

UOA Downloads:

UOAR Buildings and Structures Archive


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